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Killing it on Kilimanjaro – Traveller’s Experience Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro


Climbing MtKilimanjaro, a majestic pinnacle that stands tall in the Tanzanian landscape, is a dream for many adventurers worldwide. Its snow-capped summit offers a unique blend of challenge and beauty, attracting enthusiasts from every corner of the earth.

At the forefront of these expeditions is Tanzania Tribe Safari, an organization committed to crafting memorable journeys. Through ourspecialized Mount Kilimanjaro Packages, we guarantee an extraordinary experience for every trekker.


1- Preparation for Climbing Kilimanjaro

2- Selecting the Right Expedition: General Sightseeing Vs. Summit Pursuit

3- Decoding Kilimanjaro’s Routes

4- The Journey Up Mount Kilimanjaro: A Day-By-Day Breakdown

5- Foreseen and Unforeseen Challenges When Climbing Kilimanjaro

6- Uncover the Ultimate Trekking Experience in Kilimanjaro


Adequate Planning and Preparation toClimb Kilimanjarowill help you go a long way when scaling the majestic peak. Let’s understand some basic details about Africa’s highest peak that will help you plan the tour well.

  • When to go: Opt for January-March or June-October for the most pleasant conditions.
  • Gear Up: Ensuring you have the right equipment is crucial. Think about:
    • Quality hiking boots
    • Layered clothing for varying temperatures
    • Reliable sleeping bags
  • Training: Start your fitness regimen months in advance. Incorporate cardio, strength training, and altitude adaptation if possible.
  • Guidance Matters: Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo is for seasoned climbers. For most, joining Kilimanjaro Group Climbs ensures safety and guidance.
Worthy To Know: For all the details of the essentials you need for your hiking adventure, you can always refer to our Kilimanjaro Packing List.

But, if you do not see yourself hiking a lot in the future, do yourself a favour and rent all the necessary equipment. You can always talk to our Kilimanjaro Specialists, who will inform you of all the available renting options.


While Kilimanjaro Tours can offer a relaxed sightseeing experience around the base, Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours are tailored for those with a fixed determination to reach the summit.

Our Best Kilimanjaro toursblend the two, providing an overview and a taste of the climb.For a more immersive trekking experience, we offer various tours, ranging from short climbs to extended ventures:

  • 5-Day Kilimanjaro Climb– A quick ascent suitable for experienced climbers.
  • 6-Day Kilimanjaro Climb– A moderate-paced climb offering a balance of challenge and rest.
  • 7-9 Days Kilimanjaro Climb– These offer a paced ascent, allowing for adequate acclimatization and enjoyment of the diverse terrains.
Did You Know?Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano with three cones – Mawenzi, Shira, and Kibo. On the Kibo cone, Uhuru Peak is most climbers’ summit and the goal.


The mountain boasts a variety of Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes, each presenting its own set of challenges and landscapes:

  • Machame: Often dubbed the most beautiful route, it’s challenging but rewards with unparalleled vistas.
  • Lemosho: A less trodden route known for its scenic beauty and diverse fauna.
  • Marangu: Known as the “Coca-Cola” route, it’s the most established and offers hut accommodations.

Other than that, we offer Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages via Umbwe, Shira, and Rongai Route. When choosing, consider your physical readiness, duration preference, and the kind of scenery you wish to encounter.For all the details, refer to Kilimanjaro Routes.

Interesting Fact:The mountain’s shrinking glaciers are expected to disappear within two decades. Climbing Kilimanjaro sooner rather than later lets you witness this stunning icy spectacle.


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is about the journey, the experiences, and the memories made along the way. Each day presents challenges and rewards, offering trekkers a unique perspective of the mountain’s diverse ecosystems.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what one can expect on a 7 Days Kilimanjaro Climb spread over several days via Machame Route:

Day Terrain/Zone Elevation Distance Covered Duration Highlights & Challenges


Day 1 Rainforest 1,800m-3,000m 11km 5-7 hours Dense forest section withlush green trees and plants, chirping birds, and occasional monkeys.
Day 2 Heath 3,000m-3,840m 5 km 4-6 hours This area lacks oxygen, with more millennial plants, mosses, rocks, and boulders. There are many waterfalls in the region.
Day 3 Lava Tower (lunch) & Barranco Camp 3,840 -4600-3950 m 10 km 6-8 hours Acclimatization hikes, changing landscapes, and the challenge of increasing altitude. The Arctic desert region has a dry and cold climate.


Day 4 Barranco Wall 3950m -4000m 5 km 4-5 hours Scale the rock wall called the Kissing Rock in this part of the trek.
Day 5 Trek to Basecamp 4000m – 4600 m


4 km 4-5 hours Hike through the Arctic Desert with mesmerizing views. Get ready to witness frigid and hot days. This is where layering comes in.
Day 6 Summit 4600m-5895m-3900m 5 km ascent and 11 km descent 7-8 hours ascent + 5-8 hours descent The summit push begins at around midnight. The moment of standing at the top of the world finally comes.


Day 7 Getting Down 3900m -1800 m 13 km 4-5 hours Take part in a special tipping ceremony for the porters and guides. Acknowledge their efforts by tipping them in generously.
Side note– The table above provides a snapshot of the daily progression during a climb via Machame Route Kilimanjaro. However, it’s essential to note that the experience can vary based on your chosen route, weather conditions, and individual pacing.

Also, the journey is as much about mental endurance as physical stamina. Each day, as the altitude increases, the air becomes thinner, and the landscapes shift, presenting trekkers with new vistas and challenges. But with every step, the spirit of Kilimanjaro beckons, urging climbers to push forward, conquer challenges, and ultimately stand atop the Roof of Africa.


As trekkers pursue the dream of Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, various challenges may arise:

  • Altitude sickness: Being a tall freestanding mountain, Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness is a genuine concern. Proper acclimatization days and staying hydrated can help mitigate this.
  • Physical strain: It’s not uncommon to experience muscle fatigue or blisters. Proper footwear and pacing can help when trekking up the rough trails.
  • Weather: Kilimanjaro’s weather is famously unpredictable. Expect rain, sun, and cold – sometimes all in one day! Layered clothing and waterproof gear are indispensable.

Main Takeaway: Kilimanjaro Climbing imparts essential life lessons. Beyond the physical achievement, it provides insights into perseverance, teamwork, and nature’s grandeur.


Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro offers unique challenges, breathtaking views, and deep connections with Tanzania’s rich natural beauty and vibrant local cultures. With every step, trekkers are rewarded with unforgettable experiences.

For those ready to take on this adventure, Tanzania Tribe Safari provides tailored Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages to ensure a seamless and memorable journey.  Take part in this Tanzanian adventure and cherish memories that will stay with you forever.

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