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Ways You Can Save On Airport Parking


Most airport parking charges are between $24 and $28 per day, depending on whether you use self or valet parking. But all this depends on the type of airport you are parking in; some charge more, so make sure you have done enough research about the airport you are flying with so that you can know how much they charge for their parking spaces; then you calculate how much it will cost you depending on the days you will be out of the country. There are so many airport parking Stansted options, and all you need to do is to get the appropriate one that fits you. Many options available will help you reduce your parking fees as you fly, and we will discuss them below.

Some of the ways you can cut the cost of airport parking include;

  1. Search for airport parking coupons

Most of the economy and off-airport parking lots have coupons, and searching for a voucher will be to your advantage in case you will be parking your car for a weekend or more than a couple of days. Begin with a Google search of “discount parking coupons” with the name of the airport you will be parking with. Moreover, you could check on Groupon for airport parking coupons and discounts, as the site usually offers a variety of deals to choose from.

  1. Stay in a hotel that has extended parking

You can decide to stay close to the airport either at the start or the end of your trip. When you do this, you have the opportunity of leaving your car at the hotel, and you can take the property shuttle at a lower price. If you are in the East Midlands, you could search for the cheapest car parking at east midlands airport and save up some cash that you will use on your trip.

In the hotel you are staying in, you could ask them if they can allow you to park your car for free. Most airports don’t let this, but most hotels offer ‘park and fly.’ packages, which go for as low as just the hotel room.

  1. Search for cheap airport parking on a parking website

When you want to get discounts for parking spots, you can visit any airport parking website and look at their deals. To help you save up on cash, you could look up different sites and compare prices. Some websites you can use to search for discounts are; SpotHero, BestParking and Cheap Airport Parking.

  1. Get an airport shuttle service

In case you have a flight to catch, and your friends and family won’t be able to drive you to the airport, you could always book a car service. As you search for var shuttle services, you should approximate the rates and the perks that come with parking close to the airport.  You could opt for ride shares, but they become expensive with surge pricing at prime hours.


When searching for cheap airport parking Bristol you could consider the tips above to ease your search.

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