The cuisine in Australia is characterized by the fact that Asian dishes are prevalent here which is why it is often served here either almost raw or as processed products beyond recognition. In Australia you can try exotic fruits and specialties such as blue crab, opossum fillet, crocodile meat, shark lips.

Food in Australia The diet of Australians consists of fruits, vegetables, meat (chicken, lamb, pork, beef, lamb, kenguryatina, crocodile meat), fish, seafood (oysters, scallops, mussels, lobsters, shrimp, octopus crabs ), dairy products (cheese, eggs). In Australia, you should try the chiko roll (egg roll stuffed with lamb, rice, barley and vegetables), kangaroo meat steaks with mushrooms, vegemite (a paste made from extract of yeast, onions and celery), lamington (cookie biscuits covered with coconut and chocolate). If you are a meat lover like Australians, you will not only find a wide selection of meat dishes in restaurants, but you can also grill meat yourself (electric grills are installed in any parking lot. ). Where to eat in Australia? At your service: cafes and restaurants where you can order dishes from European cuisines and other cuisines of the world; restaurants specializing in particular cuisine (Italian, Greek, Thai);

fast food restaurants (international chains – Subway, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, local chain – Red Rooster); pubs (here you can not only try different types of beer, but also order entrecotes, seafood, fried potatoes, sausage, barbecue, salads). Drinks in Australia Australia’s most popular drinks include tea, coffee, milk, juice, beer, wine, and Australian dark rum. . Food Tour in Australia If you go on a food tour in Australia, you can visit restaurants with outdoor terraces and taste unparalleled food and world-class wines.

If you wish, you can organize dinner in Sydney Harbor at a fine dining restaurant, cafe, or on board a ship overlooking the harbor. Australia often hosts food and wine festivals. For example, when you come to the Seafood Festival, you can taste dishes made from seafood, and you can try different kinds of wines by going to the “Wine cellar” festival. Since in Australia most of the wineries are located near the main towns that offer “behind the scenes tours” you will have the opportunity to visit first class restaurants and lessons on wine quality assessment. with tasting. When you arrive in Australia, you will have an unforgettable vacation on this distant continent.

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